Saturday, October 20, 2012

STING Changes Concert Venues In Upcoming Manila Concert

In the recent months the SM group in Philippines has been hit with bad talk on their activities in Baguio - Philippines where they have been accused of falling trees and damaging the environment. SM is one of the premiere group of companies in Philippines which owns shopping malls and many other businesses. STING was all set to perform at the SM Mall Of Asia Arena but an online petition has caught his eye and as such STING being the known global environmentalist advocate he is has since changed the venue of his performance and distance him self from the SM group.

The concert promoter has since announce a change in venue an a replacement of tickets inline with the new venue. Talents For Asia commends STING on his stand and the concert promoter for taking the right actions needed to keep the concert going and make the changes in respecting STING stand on environmental issues. In anyway you look at this, most international celebrities be it film or music have their own respective advocacy and they will never associate them self with companies who go against their advocacy  as a matter of firstly principle and secondly support of the cause they are advocating.

Although SM may be innocent or even guilty what the company does not know about celebrities is of STING's stature is that as long as the rumor mill is hard at work, no artiste of this status will go near the company and risk compromising their principles on what they are advocating so innocent or guilty makes not much difference as they will still distance them self's. And to be fair to STING, he has never been a silent advocate much like BONO of U2, STING has made his stand clear many times over on various issues concerning the environment and is an artiste of great integrity. Thus this does not boon well for SM as a company because it does hurt their global reputation just a little but like all corporate companies their Public Relations machines will kick in and in a few months this will be water under the bridge. But this action by STING now begs the question, Will other global celebrities follow suit when performing in Manila and ask for a different venue?. This will be interesting to see and how this will effect SM Mall Of Asia Arena's revenue and credibility on a global scale because of the actions of their family member. Its a rather interesting point to follow but we at Talents For Asia hope SM group will clear the air an return the reputation it had prior to the Baguio issue as we find them to be an excellent venue for events of all types.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Will Be on Glee Again

American Idol Season 11 finalist, Filipino - Mexican musical celebrity Jessica Sanchez will be back on glee again so all you glee fans, stay tuned. Its good that Jessica Sanchez made it to glee as its  a star on here career and signifies the fact that she is a star even if American Idol was to stupid not to see it. Talents For Asia believes that Jessica Sanchez should have won American Idol an she should have been given the rights to the title American Idol because of her talent. A vocal powerhouse as some in the media describe Jessica Sanchez would be an understatement. Jessica Sanchez to us is pure talent and living sign that the era of  vocals in similarity to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion are not gone.

Jessica Sanchez exhibits what we would like to call old school talent, her vocal capacity takes us back to the days of belters and vocal projection which not many artiste do now days. Jessica Sanchez is really something special and its good that she has joined the cast of Glee as it will help her musical career and fame grow thus allowing her to gain a larger following and it will showcase all the reasons why she deserved the title of American Idol. Its sad that her talent was not recognized by American Idol fans, maybe she would have done better on The Voice. Whatever it is Glee is a good thing and Talents For Asia wishes Jessica Sanchez all the best and hopes she keep on keeping on.

CLICK ME To Read The Article On Jessica Sanchez On Glee From The INQUISITIR ENTERTAINMENT SECTION.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Performance Quality Should Be Priority

For so long now there has been a cry or even whaling if you want, of musicians from Asia and across the world to be paid equally based on their ability to perform, there also has been a lot of talk about good and bad promoters from the way they work with various bands for hire to providing services from the time the contract is signed until the contract ends. Talents For Asia has heard the cries an seen the pain musicians face globally as they are now made into products rather than being treated as humans. Agents and Promoters or band handlers and managers are sprouting up all over the world like mushrooms and choice to work with whom is abundant. However hotels and bars, night clubs and entertainment venues in general should have criteria of standards when choosing which agent and or promoter to work with. Performance Quality Should Be Priority then comes ethics and best business practice.

Not many employers of bands for hire know that there is a best practice ethic in the bands for hire industry because agents and promoters don’t go by those standards and the few who do, get stepped on because they are doing the right thing and that can hurt all the other promoters and agents who are more worried about profit margins rather than the ethics and human dignity of musicians and bands for hire they promote. The scene is getting worse with so many new agents and promoters who are now wagging a price war thus hurting musicians for hire directly via reducing their income potential and this hurts the musicians family because of the lowered income but because these new agents and promoters are greedy they have no feelings for the musicians and their families and keep on getting contracts via lowered prices. Talents For Asia is pissed to the limits because these new agents and promoters are under selling musicians for hire and it’s become where when Performance Quality Should Be Priority, and it is not.

We at Talents For Asia can only shout via our articles for now and help the industry heal by writing articles on what should be considered best practice in the bands for hire industry, however it would be good if we can team up with various hotels and employment venues who want to be known globally as an employer who works with international standards of ethics. Employers in the bands for hire industry who will book a band for hire based on the principal that Performance Quality Should Be Priority as well as upholding the basic human rights of the said band for hire and their dignity as professionals in the band for hire industry. There are some senior agents and promoters who really squeeze the budgets so its not always the hotels or employers fault that budgets are reduced, hence we have been calling for the longest time for contracts to be direct between employer and musicians for hire and for agents and promoters to sign commission agreements, making this the rule will definitely help employers know where their money is going and if the agent or promoter is making the employer look bad or just out right cheating bands by profiteering.

There is so much more to be said on this issue, an Talents  For Asia will certainly let it out as time goes on, thus for now we let you digest what is written an decide on which side of the coin your going to be when it is eventually tossed as recently happen to an agent/promoter from Malaysia.

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How Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers Can Help The Bands For Hire Industry

A lot of issues are coming up and out almost like from under a rock in the bands for hire industry and we have seen a whole lot of posting in anger on various social media platforms about salary drops for even American and Canadian bands for hire which only means one of two things, either the economy globally has fallen tremendously or there are just so many new agents who are selling bands for hire at lower rates to secure contracts hence bringing down the salary rates everywhere. Talents For Asia is of the opinion that this issue of drop in salary rates across the board is really becoming serious to a point where hotels use to pay close to 1,500 USD per person per month for a Filipino band for hire and now it’s gone as low as we recently posted to 600 USD or even 500 USD per person per month which is really ridiculous. 

How Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers Can Help The Bands For Hire Industry is very simple, they just have to look at the realistic cost of living and understand that even though they provide meals, laundry and free internet as well as, working visa’s but they don’t provide medical for the musicians families, they don’t have musicians insurances, they don’t have a remuneration package for musicians kids as like a foreigner who is in management gets when he works out side of his home country. General Managers of hotels and F & B managers have to sometimes put them self’s in the musician’s shoes. All hotels and venues need to make a profit but that profit can’t be made or should not be made at the expense of the said band for hire, Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers have to stop paying musicians based on geographical origin firstly, and secondly ensure that all contracts are signed directly with the band for hire so you know what they are getting and what is fair and not being ripped off by the agency or promoter you have chosen, you can then sign a secondary agreement with agency or promoter for their commissions which thus makes the whole process transparent as in how Talents For Asia works. 

Transparency in facilitating contracts between hotel and bands for hire can actually benefit the hotel because the hotel General Manager and F & B Manager come off looking good in the eyes of bands for hire and they also prove to respect musicians for hire rights to earn fair days wages for a fair days performance.This will be good for the hotels reputation and its managements as well. The rates of pay should not be so vastly different just because some musicians for hire are from Asia and some are from a Western economy, musicians for hire should be paid on their capabilities to perform and that’s it an it takes time to change but the change has to start with Hotel General Managers and F & B Managers, then by that happening the agents and promoter will be forced to behave and musicians will be able to get paid the real value of their talents. 

It’s not an easy task and we are not trying to alienate Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers; to say it’s their sole responsibility, but we are giving ideas on How Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers Can Help The Bands For Hire Industry as the industry is losing a lot of good musicians for hire from Western cultures and Asian cultures because of the state of salary discrimination which goes on openly. The only difference between a Canadian musician and a Filipino musician is skin color and geographical origin other than that there is not much difference in skill and both have the potential to grow with experience, hence they are equal in a lot of ways which is not realized. Thus if Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers would communicate with Talents For Asia, I am sure we can device a pay scale that can ensure the working musicians for hire are happy and the hotel does not hurt their profit margin.

Sometimes you as a leader have to make the hard choices  and how you decide some ones wages can either make you look appreciative and respectful of the said musicians plight an situation or it can make you look like a contributor to modern day slavery  This choice is really up to the individual. If Its up to Talents For Asia we would come up with a base rate and then work on performance points. If the band for hire does well with no complaints and issues then their points can be high thus receiving higher monetary remuneration. This is just an idea, it would be nice to have a chat and see what ideas come to the table an pick the best ones which bring  benefit to musicians for hire and hotel employers and entertainment venue employers.

Once again we clearly state that we are not attacking anyone but sharing our thoughts on 
How Hotel General Managers And F & B Managers Can Help The Bands For Hire Industry and reduce this feeling of unfair salary practices by geographical origin. We hope to see a future with better wages for western and Asian musicians for hire and a more transparent style of business between agent / promoter and bands for hire. Keep The Music Playing Musical People.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

To All Gays, Lesbians & Transgender’s In Entertainment.

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In the recent months we have seen and explosion of sorts via ridiculous acts of discrimination against gays and lesbians as well as transgender's in some countries in Asia. It is time for us at Talents For Asia to stand up and say it out loud and proud. We Support 100% all gays, lesbians and transgender’s globally and in and out of the music industry and all of us at Talents For Asia have tremendous respect for you. Some countries have started treating being gay or lesbian and even transgender as a disease, but it’s not and that’s just discrimination at its highest and well those are the countries which deserve nothing in our book because ones sexual choice is a personal choice and it does not hurt anyone. Talents For Asia will never back down from our support of gays and lesbians because we are not God to judge them or punish them and we should never assume to be God’s because if we do then God will make sure we know we are not God but God is God. 

Talents For Asia can truly say that for all our years in the entertainment business, never ever have we had any issues with gays and lesbians or transgender’s and they have always been such a pleasure to work with. One must understand that it is an individual choice whom to love and what to be, and not the governments right to choose for you for today you discriminate against gays , lesbians and transgender’s then tomorrow they will vote against you and being a size-able community, their votes can be a deciding factor in any election. The prosecution and discrimination of gays, lesbians and transgender’s included is just not ok, and we don’t support that kind of behavior. Whatever religion you are, whatever your sexual preferences you have, we can promise you that Talents For Asia welcomes you with open arms for we are about upholding basic human rights for bands for hire and musicians for hire and thus our principles as a Asian – International service brand strictly is one of non-discrimination.

Life is already hard when you fight to stay above poverty, political bigotry and cruelty, violation of human rights and corruption, why must discrimination be added on? Talents For Asia takes the stand that if a country is discriminating then foreign investors should not invest in these countries but be supportive of freewill and be principled that all men are created equal and not support such countries. You can critique the American’s all you want but they have understood basic human rights and freewill and they have done a lot to advance the rights of the lesbian and gay/transgender community and so has countries like United Kingdom, These are countries we truly support and respect because they understand that a government cannot decide for a people who they should love or be and not love or not become. 

Gays, Lesbians and Transgender’s have done nothing wrong to the world but only made it better because even though they are mocked, discriminated against and sometimes even attacked, they still love, care and share, they are still compassionate and peaceful and most important of all, they are our brothers and sisters in humanity. Talents For Asia will never be a part of discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender’s and we will never support anyone or work with anyone who is. Just like we will not discriminate against any religion or race, Humanity is our family and we only look at everyone as humans and nothing less than that. We do not look at your social, financial, religious, sexual and racial status, we only look at you and see a human being. What bands for hire and musicians for hire globally do is simply artistic to us and even if they are gay, lesbian of transgender, we don’t care because we understand that without them there is no us, there is no music and yes the world will be dead silent. 

This is not a political statement but a statement in support of gays, lesbians and transgender people in the music business and bands for hire industry.Talents For Asia will work with all of you, we will never discriminate against you and we will never treat you like you have the plague, you are welcome at our table any time for you are our brothers and sisters in humanity and that is how we see you nothing less than that, you are our equal. May you be blessed and we pray alongside you that god will teach those who discriminate against you and show them that god is god and man is man thus man should never behave like god in passing judgement on a human’s choice of who they love or choose to become. Keep the music playing and thank you all for the music and for adding beauty to our planet.


Malaysia may have a lot of very interesting factors going for them in their country, like food and beautiful places to visit and even some culturally exciting shows and traditions and celebrations. However certain quarters lack the mental maturity in understanding trends and urban culture. Amanda Imani, a Malaysian musical celebrity was recently called out what was a temporary tattoo on her leg by the mainstream media in Malaysia. As seen in the image below. Now Amanda Imani was not exposing her cleavage or breast with a tattoo, nor was she exposing her waist or tummy which is against Muslim culture and religion, and it was only a TEMPORARY tattoo. Talents For Asia’s question is very simple, how come writers of media in Malaysia are not in tune with the latest trends and fashion ideas which are globally famous. Why it is no question were asked about the tattoo beforehand clarifying everything and why is it a tattoo which is not even permanent is such an issue.

If you know Amanda Imani, then you know she has elevated Malaysia’s name in various International Music based competitions of global standing.Amanda Imani is so far from the bad girl image its almost like your trying to sell ice to the Eskimo’s. Amada Imani is not the Lindsay Lohan of Malaysia; she is a good down to earth, respectable young lady who is in tune with fashion and global urban trends. Amanda Imani has a good command of her image and knows what lines not to cross understanding very well her position and cultural as well as religious responsibilities. Malaysia in the past months banned a ballet show saying the outfits were to sexy, and they have canceled even canceled a concert of a world famous musical artiste. For a country that calls its self a moderate muslim state, they seem to be not being so moderate in certain areas but in some areas, we must say that Malaysia has excelled and compliment them where its due.

To make a small tattoo on Amanda Imani’s leg an issue looks to us at Talents For Asia as if the media platform has really no content to publish and most Malaysian celebrities are really very well behaved and have great respect for the laws of their religion and country, or this particular media outlet just used this innocent celebrity to sell more news papers. Talents For Asia understands that every country has it laws and every religion has its rules too, and we never question them but actually respect them, but when something so insignificant is made into national news then you have to know that Amanda Imani is a victim of press ignorance. Can you imagine how boring it must have been in the press room with no content at all that they hit on a celebrity like Amanda Imani who has so much dignity and class, who has strong moral and religious respect and values? What next? The color of shoes she wears is an issue or lipstick maybe? 

Malaysian press owners, please educate your writers on International standards of reporting, and speak to the artiste involved before you release any material. Malaysia should be gleaming with pride to have a celebrity like Amanda Imani whose image is impeccable and whose musical talent is simply world class. This is not the way to treat someone who has brought pride to a country which is laughed at globally constantly especially when ballet outfits were deemed too sexy. Wake up Malaysia; be grateful you have such a wonderful role model in Amanda Imani for the youth of Malaysia.

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Friday, September 28, 2012


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Today Is Simply A Glorious Day As We Take The next step In Our Journey Towards Becoming A Responsible Service Brand Name Via The Launching OfTHE GIVINGTalents For Asia Has Created What Is The First Concept Band For Hire That Will Tour And Work All Year Round Giving 50% of THE GIVING’S Income To Charities And 100% Of Merchandise An In The Future Album Sales To Charity. This Is A Group Of Musicians Who Are Committed To Helping NGO’s (Non Governmental Organization's) And Charities Do The Good Work They Are Doing By Contributing To The Charity Via Finance And Extending A Helping Hand When They Are Called Upon. It’s Not About Fame Or Fortune, It’s About Giving Back.

THE GIVING A Live Band For Hire That Is All About Its Name. The First Of Its Kind In The World. A Collective Of South African Musicians And Filipino Based Musician, THE GIVING Sole Aim Is To Tour Working And Sharing Their Earnings With Charities Globally. THE GIVING Is Giving Back To Society An Humanity Via Donating 50% Of Their Income To Charity As Well As Facilitating Charitable Work In Countries They Tour In. Any And All Merchandise From THE GIVING Sold Will Be Donated In Totality To Charity. As Such THE GIVING Is All About Giving. This Is A Live Band For Hire One Should Make An Effort To Watch And Work With As Through THE GIVING, You Can Also Give Back To Humanity And Society Globally.

It's Not About Fame Or Fortune, Its About Giving Back

THE GIVING Is A Symbol Of Humanity At Its Best With The Bands Core Values Being ; Honesty | Solidarity In Humanity | Kindness | Peace | Global Unity.THE GIVING Is The Only Live Band For Hire In The World That Works To Give To Charity In Every And Anyway Possible 365 Days A Year. It’s Not About Fame Or Fortune, It’s About Giving Back.

THE GIVING Is Created And Owned By Talents For Asia Which Is Currently One Of The Few Live Music Promoters In Asia Who Is Calling Out Loud For Fair Play, Equality And Human Right In The Bands For Hire Segment Of The Entertainment Industry. Talents For Asia Is Striving To Eventually Become Globally Recognize For The Right Values Humanity Already Has But Have Forgotten. Via THE GIVINGTalents For Asia Now Has A Vehicle To Set The Right Example In What Is Right, Fair And Without Discrimination To Any Race, Religion And Or Person By Geographical Origin As Practiced Now In The Bands For Hire Segment Of The Entertainment Industry.

Its Not About Fame Or Fortune, Its About Giving Back

We Here With Invite, Ngo's, Charities, Agents, Entertainment Companies And Hotels As Well As Entertainment Venues To Work With Us At Talents For Asia In Making Our World A Better Place Via THE GIVING And Via Using Global Standards Of Best Business Methods Which Are Based On Pure Ability To Facilitate The Job At Hand And Not By Ones Race, Religious Views Or Geographical Origin. THE GIVING Has The Power To Change The Industry If You Let It And Work With Us To Make This Happen So We Can All Remove The Stigma That The Bands For Hire Segment Of The Entertainment Industry Is Polluted With Social Ills. Change Can only Be Brought On If We Work As A Collective And As Responsible Members Of Human Society.Talents For Asia Sincerely Hopes The Global Civil Society Will Embrace THE GIVING And Talents For Asia As We Continue To Journey On The Right Path Of Life And Avoid Social Ills Which Bring About Racism, Hate Crimes, And To Some Extent Even Wars. 


THE GIVING Is About Working To Do Right And To Support Those Who Have Dedicated And In Some Cases Given Their Life To Helping Those Less Fortunate And Those Who Are Weaker Than Them Self’s. You Have The Power To Be An Agent Of Change And Talents For Asia Sincerely Hopes You Will Use It Wisely For The Betterment Of The Human Society Globally. No Man Is And Island, Thus On This Day We Ask You All In Power Within TheBands For Hire Segment Of The Entertainment Industry To Please Set Aside Your Arrogance, Profit Margins And Belittling Of Diverse Nationalities And Races And Or Religions And Come Together And Work With Us To Do What’s Right No Matter How Hard It Is So That Our Fellow Brothers And Sisters In Humanity Have A Chance To Live As You Have, So That Children In Poverty Belts May Be Able To Eat Every Day. We Look Forward To Working With Anyone, Any Race, And Any Religion As THE GIVING Is All About Giving Back To Humanity. THE GIVING – It’s Not About Fame Or Fortune, It’s About Giving Back.

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